Born in Stockton, Cali, a town known for stolen cars, meth heads at corrupt politicians and I guess me?  Oh, wait, I know!  The Diaz Brothers!  Not the ones from Scarface but, from MMA.  Nevermind.  I take pictures, mostly of my daughter and of the night sky.  I love pictures that capture the range of emotions (not just smiling kids.)  In non-human photos I try and invoke a sense of darkness, wonder and doom.  But I also love rainbows and kawaii.  

Growing up as a foster kid, all over Norcal, and with many families, of all ages, religions and creeds, gave me the ability to learn from all types of people and seems to have expanded my ability to get along with all walks of life.  And it's made me appreciate shit talk in it's many diverse, yet similar forms.

Without photography and the great, long, night drives it affords me, I would truly decend into madness that of which has plagued many of my family members, including my mother (where ever she is.). Take a look around, schedule a shoot and buy some prints.  Support small business, muthah fuckah!  JK, Thanks for the love.